Businesses that promote the sustainable economy

Businesses that promote the sustainable economy

Una Sustainable company is characterized by generating a positive impact on the environment, but also on society. Although this was not seen as much a few years ago, now there are many businesses that promote the sustainable economy.

The three most important pillars of these companies are social, economic and environmental. But, what current companies could we say that comply with this promotion of a sustainable economy? Below we are going to talk to you about some of them. Shall we start?


One of the businesses that has promoted the sustainable economy since 2010 is Unilever. This company decided create a sustainable strategy in that year, called a Sustainable Living Plan. And among the actions it carried out was the recovery of packaging with the aim of recycling it, awareness and communication campaigns or promoting the circular economy.

In 2024, continue carrying out these types of strategies and try to continue doing activities that can have a positive impact on society and the environment.


Another of the businesses that promote the sustainable economy, in this case reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. But it's not just. In reality, it has a plan of five areas of action:

  • Zero emissions (of greenhouse gases).
  • Reduce waste. In fact, you should know that the organic waste generated at Walt Disney World is taken to a special facility to convert it into fertilizer for plants.
  • Minimize electricity and water consumption.
  • Produce low-impact products by reducing the carbon footprint when manufacturing and distributing.
  • Make sustainable constructions.

Schneider Electric

We continue with other sustainable companies, in this case less known in Spain, but not so in France. Schneider Electric is specialized in energy management and automation and has offices and workers in more than one hundred countries.

Among the actions it takes to be considered a sustainable company are the recycling and the use of recyclable materials in its products.

The useful life of the product is extended through leasing and pay-per-use. And it also has a return scheme.


Banco Santander

On the website of this banking entity you can see that one of the actions it carries out is to try to foster sustainable and inclusive growth. To this end, it is aware of including aspects related to the environment, society and internal management in its business model.

Its objective is to create a bank that is respectful of the environment and society, while being profitable.


Although it is better known by its initials, HP, it is another of the businesses that promote the sustainable economy. In this case, because one of its strategies focuses on reducing emissions and minimizing toxic substances from ink cartridges.

In addition, established a recycling program a few years ago, whereby ink products can be recycled (If you are subscribed to a plan, you can even receive the ink at your home and when it is used up, change it and send them the already spent cartridges).

Also, internally, they promote teleworking, the reduction of data centers, they use solar and wind energy and have reduced the number of software applications.

AB InBev

This strange name corresponds to the largest brewery in the world. If everything goes fine, By 2025, this business will have achieved that 100% of its products are sold in returnable packaging. which, in turn, are made with recycled material.

In addition, it has a new and original product, although with an old use that may make you doubt whether to drink it or not. We refer to a protein drink that they have made from grains that were used to make beer. And why the doubts? Because before it occurred to them, that material was resold to give to animals.



Bimbo is a very well-known brand and most and least people will have tried some of its products. Well, Grupo Bimbo also cares about society and the environment and among the investments it has made is using technology with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint it generates.

In addition, it has launched a series of specific programs promoting healthy living, exercise, education... Something focused especially on its own workers.


This beverage business is another that also cares about society and the environment. For a start, The coffee used for the drinks is certified organic, and they get it from fair trade. All stores have LED certifications, which reduces the impact on them and also reduces costs.

As for materials, 90% of these are post-industrial.

But it has gone further. And it has invested in a series of restoration and protection programs for landscapes and forests. Specifically in coffee producing countries. The first to receive this "attention" from the company were Colombia and Peru, but little by little they will reach others.

people doing business


For those native to Chile, TriCiclos will be familiar, because it is one of the businesses in the country. What you may not know is that In 2019, the goal was to have a “world without waste.”

And, to do its part, it built and manages the largest recycling station in South America. To give you an idea, it diverts more than 33000 metric tons of medical supplies and more than 140000 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Home Depot

We end with another of the businesses that promote the sustainable economy that serve as an example. This is a North American company that has been worrying about sustainability for years.

And among the actions it carries out is the choosing suppliers that take care of the environment, or carrying out programs that help society and communities.

As you can see, there are many businesses that promote the sustainable economy, and surely, as the years go by, there will be many more. Sometimes, just a grain of sand can achieve a lot. Do you know more companies that promote the sustainable and circular economy?

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