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Economía Finanzas is a website that was born in 2006 with a clear objective: to publish truthful, contracted and quality information about the world of economics and finance. To achieve this objective it is essential to have a team of editors who are experts in the field and who have no problems telling the truth as it is; no dark interests or anything like that.

En Economia Finanzas You will be able to find very diverse information that ranges from very basic concepts such as what are VAN and IRR to other more complex ones such as our tips to diversify your investments successfully. All these topics and many more have a place on our website, so if you want to discover everything we talk about, the best thing is that enter this section where you will see a complete list of all topics covered.

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  • Encarni Arcaya

    The economy is something that interests us from the first moment we deal with making ends meet. However, we do not learn much of this knowledge. For this reason, I like to help others understand economic concepts and give tricks or ideas to improve savings or achieve them. I am Encarni Arcoya and when I studied my degree, the economics subjects were the ones that were most difficult for me because I did not understand the concepts well. And, when they explain it to you, everything becomes clearer. In my articles I try to apply the knowledge I have so that things are understood as best as possible and that is why I like to write in a simple way so that everyone can understand economic concepts.

  • Jordi Guillamon

    With more than a decade of experience in economics and finance, I have dedicated my career to analyzing market trends and advising on investment strategies. My focus is on sustainability and financial innovation, always looking for emerging opportunities. I have contributed to several renowned publications, offering sharp perspectives and accurate forecasts. My passion for financial education has led me to participate in conferences and seminars, committing myself to sharing knowledge that empowers individuals and companies to make informed financial decisions.

  • Alberto navarro

    With a university education in Sociology and various studies in Digital Marketing, I have helped companies improve their financial health and build solid projects through cutting-edge and customer-focused marketing strategies. My sociological approach has allowed me to deeply understand consumer behavior, while my experience in advertising and marketing has driven the financial results of small businesses and medium-sized startups. Currently, my commitment is to you. I want to share my knowledge on this blog, where you will find my best tips and strategies to apply in your own business, helping you achieve and understand your financial and marketing objectives in the clearest way possible.

Former editors

  • jose recio

    My fascination with economics began as a spark of curiosity and has become the guiding flame of my career. Every day, I immerse myself in the constant flow of data and analysis, looking for the stories behind the numbers that can empower people in their financial decisions. With an unwavering commitment to objectivity, I strive to present economic information in a way that is accessible and useful to everyone. Independence is the cornerstone of my work, ensuring my readers receive unbiased advice they can trust. Ultimately, my goal is to simplify the complexity of the economy so that every person can take control of their financial well-being.

  • Claudi casals

    Since my student days, the dynamism of the financial market captured my attention. I was fascinated by how economic patterns influenced global decisions and how smart investing could be so impactful. Over time, this curiosity transformed into a career dedicated to economic analysis. For years, I have personally invested in the markets, learning to navigate their complexities with patience and strategy. I have experienced the excitement of the market's ups and downs, and each experience has been a valuable lesson that has enriched my understanding of the financial world. My approach has always been holistic; I rely not only on economic theory, but also on meticulous observation of current trends and financial history. Continuous updating on economic and financial developments is essential for me, and I dedicate a significant portion of my time to continuing education and in-depth analysis of the markets.

  • Jose Manuel Vargas placeholder image

    Since my early youth, I have been fascinated by the complex fabric of markets and the ceaseless flow of global finance. My curiosity led me to study economics, where I discovered the beauty of economic models and the precision of accounting. With every balance sheet I balanced and every market trend I analyzed, my passion for this field only grew. Now, as an economics writer, I am dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of economics for my readers. Every day is a new opportunity to explore the depths of monetary policy, stock market fluctuations, and emerging patterns of international trade. I strive to translate technical jargon into accessible language, so that neophytes and experts alike can appreciate the nuances of this discipline.