Security measures in a vacation home

Security measures in a vacation home

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. home insurance They are always a measure to alleviate the expenses that may arise from accidents, theft or problems at home. But having one does not mean that we can relax when it comes to taking care of the house. Actually, there are security measures in a vacation home, as in any home, that help us stay calmer.

Do you want to know what you can do so that, together with home insurance, you will not have problems with theft, accidents, fires...? Well, pay attention to the tips we have compiled for you.

Extra locks

lock keys

When you arrive at a vacation home, whether it is yours or a rental, one of the first measures you should take is to have extra locks on hand. You can find them in stores like “Portable locks” or smart locks that act against anyone who tries to open the door or window from the outside.

For example, imagine you are renting a house and someone tries to break in. If you have a key, or know how to force the lock, you won't have a problem, but if you also add extra security, with an extra lock, things will be more complicated.

Have fire extinguishers on hand

One of the safety measures for a vacation home (or any home in general) is to always have a fire extinguisher on hand. It may seem silly, but this is a essential element that can help you get out of a fire (or to stop it).

We are not only talking about dangers in the kitchen that can cause something to burn, but also in the sockets. If we take into account that we are increasingly connected to light with devices, these can scare us and catch fire. If you don't have anything on hand, this can be extended. But with a regulated fire extinguisher you could solve the problem before it gets worse.

Security alarm

Home insurance helps you so that, no matter what happens, you have a company that will respond to any problem that may arise. But sometimes it doesn't hurt to also have a security alarm that warns you or thwarts the plans of "other people's friends."

One of the security measures in vacation homes is the security alarm, which goes off when someone tries to access the home (without having to do so), which notifies the police... Or even warns when something happens (for example, a fall of an elderly person or children, smoke, fire...).


home with home automation

Homes are becoming smarter. And that means that they can be controlled almost with your cell phone: raise or lower blinds, play music, turn lights on or off... Do they sound familiar to you? These are things that can now be done remotely at home.. And this can act as a security measure in vacation homes.

For example, imagine that you have a house several kilometers away and that, every day, you ask them to turn on the lights and play music and then, around twelve or one, they turn off. Thieves and other people will think that there is really someone living there, which would prevent theft or intrusions (thinking that it is abandoned).

Smoke and monoxide detectors

Another security measure in vacation homes, as well as in any home, is the smoke detectors that will go off when they detect an abnormal presence of smoke that could imply that there is a fire in the house.

Likewise, there are also carbon monoxide detectors on the market, especially in homes where there are devices (or plants) that expel this gas into the environment. And monoxide puts people at risk of poisoning or even causing death.

Visit the house often

The fact of having two residences, or more, does not mean that you can only have them for a time and leave the rest empty. Visiting the houses often will make it appear that they are not empty, and with that you will ensure that no one tries to break in.

But don't just go once in a while. One of the measures that you can consider is that a friend uses the house while you are away (or a family member). Or, you can rent it for the time you are not going to use it.

Another option is to leave the keys with the neighbors or a worker so that, from time to time, they can come in, for example to air it, to pick up the mailbox or even to maintain the garden. That way, there will always be movement in the house.

Prevents leaks of water, gas, electricity

Another security measure that you should have in a vacation home is to control the leaks of water, electricity, gas... Whenever you can, Leave them closed so that the house does not suffer accidents without you being present. For example, you can turn off the water valve so that a pipe does not break or water comes out when you are not there (and deteriorates the entire place).

With gas, it is best to close it so that there are no leaks that could blow everything up.

Electricity is somewhat more complicated, especially if there must be devices connected to the light (such as cameras).

Security cameras inside and outside

surveillance cameras

Beyond home insurance and an alarm, what we suggest is that you install some security cameras that you can control and view through your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This way, when you are away, you can always check if there is anything strange around your property, or even Let you know if there is movement in the area so you can call the police and have evidence.

Have documentation of all your objects on hand

Documentation, photos, serial numbers... In short, whatever makes it possible for you to recover them or verify that they are yours. For example, on appliances, you have a serial number. Photos are useful for objects such as figures or sculptures that are of value. The invoices for everything you have bought and are in the house are the same. All of this will help you later understand your home insurance.

Of course, keep everything in a safe place and, in the case of highly valuable pieces, before leaving the house alone, put them in safe deposit boxes to make everything more complicated if someone wants to take what is not theirs.

As you can see, there are several security measures in a vacation home that will help you avoid having to face undesirable situations. Do you recommend any more?

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