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When you have a business and you have to send products to customers, you do not always have A or B. That is, you do not have the option to send it in a box or in an envelope. Actually, there is many types of packaging, both in boxes and in the case of envelopes. And the same goes for shipping options. Not only can you use Correos, you also have many courier companies that are responsible for taking orders to their recipients.

If you've never stopped to think about it before and now you want to know what packaging you can use, the different ways to use it, or the options you have to send your products, here we will talk about all of them below. Thus, you can even consider shipments as a form of differentiation with respect to the competition.

Why the way products are shipped matters

Why the way products are shipped matters

When a person places an order online (or by any other means that involves receiving it at home or office via courier or by post), we know that the least they can look at is the packaging. For them the most important thing is what is inside. However, the truth is that taking care of that "first impression" you make is as or more important as protecting what is inside.

Therefore, when working with different packaging, it is important find which is the most appropriate according to the type of product you want to send; not only to prevent deterioration, but also because you can create a sense of detail that makes the person repeat when buying again.

Using colored boxes, with the company logo, or even personalized ribbon (colored, with the company name, with details or images, etc.) can be viable options.

The problem is that, when it comes to shipping, we always think that there are only two options: envelope or box. But in reality, there are many more.

Types of packaging for companies

Types of packaging for companies

Imagine that you have to send a product. The usual thing is that you think of sending it in a box and that's it but, if it is very small, instead of a box you could consider a bag, or an envelope. Or maybe a small box. In the packaging market, there are many options to choose from. Depending on the material, you may find the following:

  • Pallets: They are the largest options that make it easy to move heavy goods while being protected on all sides.
  • Containers: It is the shipping method for large-scale commerce, because we are talking about large items with a large capacity and used to transport merchandise by land, sea or air.
  • Bags: They are quite inexpensive, and many of them usually come with bubble wrap to protect what is inside. The latter raise the price a bit but within the packaging, they are the least expensive.
  • Envelopes:The case of envelopes is similar to the above. There are many sizes, with greater or lesser hardness, with bubble wrap to protect the interior, etc. Its price is around that of the bags since they are very cheap. Most are made of paper of different weights or cardboard (hard or soft, it depends on the thickness).
  • Sacks: Sacks are much larger than bags or envelopes, and although they can also be made of paper, you usually find them made of plastic or fabric. Its objective is to protect what is inside, that is why they are created with different layers that, once filled, close.
  • Inflatable bags: This packaging has the characteristic that it inflates with pressurized air when it is closed, in such a way that it protects the products so that they do not move at any time. When you open it, the air escapes and the product is intact. It is more expensive than normal bags, due to the system it carries.
  • Boxes: The boxes are a whole world. Not only are there the typical cardboard boxes that you receive, but there are others that are harder, thermal boxes (that can withstand the cold or heat, modular boxes (to put one inside the other) ... most used by businesses along with envelopes and bags.

Shipping options: which is better?

Shipping options: which is better?

Once you know the types of packaging, and the cheapest options you can choose from, shipping is another important point to consider. Because there is not only Post Office; also courier companies. And within these, there are many to choose from (not only are the best known such as Seur, MRW, Correos Express, Nacex, DHL, etc.) but there are others less known but that can be very profitable.

En general, what you must take into account is the destination of the products you are going to sell. If these are always going to be national, that is, shipping through the same country, you can opt for companies that cover all cities and also give you a good price; But if your shipments are international, it is worth establishing an agreement or collaboration with a company to deal with both national and international ones.

What is the cheapest? Without a doubt, Post Office. Keep in mind that this company has the option that the self-employed (especially if they are registered in certain sections of the IAE) can send products at more affordable prices. For example, a book that could cost you between 3 and 7 euros, it may cost a businessman 30-50 cents to send it. If we also want to certify it, the rise is not too high.

On the other hand, with couriers the price is usually higher; Especially if at the beginning of your business you don't have many orders. If there is a large volume of shipments, the company offers a very affordable price, but usually it is not like in Correos.

Now, in both cases there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, in Correos you have the problem that, often, the products do not arrive on time, or they are lost. Meanwhile in The couriers do meet a deadline for delivery. Although it is not exempt from suffering mishaps in the merchandise, that it is lost, etc.

Answering which of the two is better is complicated. As more economical, Correos; as more efficient, the couriers. The best choice? Give the customer a choice. In this way, it makes the decision based on the waiting time or the price that the shipping service may have.

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