How to obtain a company's working life report

How to obtain a company's working life report

Surely you know the work life report well, or have even asked, throughout your life, a few. However, what few know is that there is also a company working life report. Now, how do you get a company's working life report?

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you have never heard of this before, you are interested. We will tell you what is a company working life report, how to obtain it and other details that you should keep in mind.

What is the working life report of a company

What is the working life report of a company

Before learning how to obtain a company's working life report, you need to understand its concept. According to Social Security, it refers to a document that contains the most important and relevant information regarding companies' Social Security contributions, but always from the last year.

This report began to be sent in 2018, and so far annually it is being sent to companies who make their settlements through the Direct Settlement System.

The objective is none other than to help companies have the relevant information about their contribution, in addition to simplifying the obligation to contribute, to provide information and to offer specific data in terms of amounts and calculations for each worker.

Who can request it?

If you are a company that has registered workers in the last year, if you have submitted the quota quotes through the Direct Settlement System, you will be able to request it or wait for the Social Security to send it to you.

Work life report of a company: what data does it contain

Work life report of a company: what data does it contain

As with a worker's work life report, in the case of a company report the data is very similar. These are divided into four sections:

  • Identification data They are the information you have about the company: reason or tax identification number, Main Listing Code, registered office, email, and Secondary account codes.
  • Quote data. It is the most important section because it includes all the data of interest: settlements presented; fees calculated by the TGSS; the contribution bases, deductions and compensation; remuneration items paid; fees entered; status of the income of Social Security contributions; and the postponement of quotas.
  • Other data from the Main CCC. Where any type of company information is housed with respect to the Main Contribution Account Code. Also here, agreements that the company has and other data of interest related to the Main CCC (mutual or mutual collaborators, collective agreements, etc.) would be included.
  • Graphic information. In which you will find the evolution of the Social Security contribution; the number of workers at the end of each month and by type of employment contract; the volume of work according to the contract and the actual hours. It is very visual since it allows you to obtain that information simply by viewing the bar and circle graphs that it offers you.

All these data should match what you have in your company. In fact, we recommend that you carry out a record similar to the report so that, at the end of the year, you can make sure that the data that Social Security has is the same that you handle.

How to obtain a company's working life report

Accessing a company's working life report is very easy to do. All you need is to access the Social Security website and, once there, the Social Security Electronic Headquarters.

You locate the section "Telematic Notifications" and, when pressing, search for "Telematic Communications".

The report should appear in this place and you can download it, but it also allows you to access other relevant communications. If you do not have it, you can contact Social Security to see if there is a problem with the data provided or that they receive, especially to find out if you are doing things well and that you do not get into trouble.

Regarding communications, once you are inside the Electronic Office you can check in «Companies / Affiliation and Registration / Telephone and email communication of the employer to verify that they have the correct data so that the notices can reach you.

What if the data you have about your company is not the same as the report

What if the data you have about your company is not the same as the report

It may be the case that, after knowing how to obtain the working life report of a company, and download it, the data in it does not correspond to what you have. That is, there is inequality between them. This is not strange to happen, it is not usual, but there are cases in which it can occur.

And what to do in those cases? First of all, The first thing we ask is that you review the data you have to see if there has been any human error when preparing the private report of your company, or something that you have written wrong. If not, and it still does not correspond to the Social Security data, you must locate any errors and verify that you have correctly processed all the information to the entity.

If so, you will have to make an appointment at Social Security to present the case and to be able to rectify the information they have for your company.

In case it was your mistake, you will also have to make an appointment with Social Security to regularize the status of the company. That may imply that they put some sanction on you, but if they see that you have acted in good faith, nothing serious should happen; Now, if you don't and they discover you, then the fine could be much higher.

Now that you know a little more about this document and how to obtain a company's working life report, if you have one, you already know what you should do to check that the data is correct and that, therefore, you are managing the the company.

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