How to know if a master's degree is official

How to know if a master's degree is official

When are you going to make an investment in your trainingWhat you want is for the title you get from this to be valid for competitive exams, for private and public companies... In short, for it to have approval or to be official. But how do you know if a master's degree is official?

Taking into account that there are so many options on the Internet and that you can find master's degrees in almost everything, the question when choosing one university or another, or one company or another, will depend on knowing whether it is official or not. Because You're not going to spend money so that in the end you can't present it to be evaluated, right? Let's talk to you about it.

What is an official master's degree?

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Below we are going to give you a definition of an official master's degree that will be very easy for you to understand. It is a training that you complete and for which you are given a certification that is valid in both national institutions and those of each Autonomous Community. This is endorsed by the university that teaches it.

In other words, what it is about is a qualification that is approved by the Ministry of Education itself and whose training meets all the requirements established in the regulations.

In this way, an official master's degree achieves academic and professional validity. And recognition by companies from any national territory and even from the European Union. At the same time, as we have told you before, it is valid in competitive exams and even helps you get specific jobs.

Difference between official master's degree and own master's degree

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Based on the above, you will see that in the searches you do for a master's degree you will find that there are two types:

  • Official master's degree Which is what we have already told you about.
  • own master's degree This is the one designed by an educational center. However, beyond this, it has no official validity. Let's take an example. Imagine that you want to study a master's degree in content marketing. There are many universities, educational centers... that offer you this opportunity. However, the Ministry of Education establishes that the master's degree must consist of a series of topics and, furthermore, it is only considered official at a university. The rest of the centers, even if they adapt to this syllabus, if they do not have accreditation from the Ministry, they are still a mere title, but without recognition.

Does this mean that unofficial master's degrees are not good? Not really. Training, training is. Sometimes in private companies this type of knowledge is taken into account more than others (either because it is a company with great private recognition, or because it helps to carry out the work in that company...). But at the level of competitive examinations or access to jobs in the public service, they may not be of any use. In fact, they will not help you if you later want to access a doctorate.

Therefore, Before choosing one or the other and spending the money, you should keep in mind the objective you want to achieve with that training.

How do you know if a master's degree is official?

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Do you want them to avoid getting caught? Don't let them make you doubt whether this course is really going to be useful to you or not? Then you must have the key that will help you know if a master's degree is official.

La The only option to do this is to go to the Registry of Universities, Centers and Degrees (known by the acronym RUCT). You can find this record on the Ministry of Education website.

Once there, you must search for the master's degree that interests you. You will see a list of universities and centers that teach it and that, in fact, have it recognized as official. You can also enter the master's data, the name of the university or center in the search engine to find out the result (whether it is official or not, or if the institution is recognized by the Ministry).

What happens if the center where you have received information is not on that list? Then you will be certain that the title you will get from that training will not be official, and that will mean that you will not be able to use it in all the places you would like.

Still, that doesn't mean it's going to be bad. Researching the syllabus, teachers, professional opportunities as well as the reputation of the center or university is not a bad idea if you are interested and you don't care if it is official or not.

Of course, Another option to know if a master's degree is official is to raise this question with the university or center. He cannot lie to you because if he does you could sue him for falsehood (and recover the money you spent on the master's degree you took).

Advantages of choosing an official master's degree

Surely, by now, you have already gotten an idea of ​​all the good things that an official master's degree brings. But you may be surprised by some of these advantages and it will be what tips the balance.

One of the first benefits of an official master's degree is the quality itself. Because it is endorsed by the Ministry of Education, you know that the quality and study syllabus will be in accordance with what is requested.

The fact of doing an official master's degree also gives you greater recognition, not only local, but also national and even international in most cases.

Finally, you must keep in mind that if you want to pursue an academic, research career or a doctorate, it is an essential requirement to have an official master's degree. Otherwise you will not be able to advance.

Disadvantages of an official master's degree

Despite the advantages, we must not forget that there can also be disadvantages (and that is precisely why master's degrees from centers and universities have emerged). One of the biggest problems is the price.

An official master's degree has a considerably higher price than one's own, even when it has the same agenda. This means that not everyone can afford it and they opt for an unofficial one but one that can support their training on that subject.

The second drawback is that, due to being endorsed by a limited number of centers, This means that there is often a maximum number of students, and when it is full you have to wait for the next session. When the master's degree is in person, the number is quite low, but even so the same thing happens online.

Now that you know how you know if a master's degree is official, will you choose based on this criterion or do you think that any training is good for your resume?

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