EthicHub: Financial innovation and the regenerative finance revolution

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In an increasingly interconnected world, the global economy faces unprecedented challenges. Market volatility, growing inequality and the urgency of the climate crisis force us to rethink our financial systems. In this context, EthicHub emerges as a pioneer in financial innovation, using blockchain technology to create regenerative financial models (ReFi) that are aligned with financial, social and environmental impact investing

What is EthicHub?

For countries like Spain, accessing financing is not usually a big problem, but the same is not the case with 25% of the world population, mainly in developing or emerging countries, which usually have to face annual interest rates of more than 60%. .

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EthicHub is an investment platform that uses blockchain technology to connect small farmers with lenders. The idea is to provide affordable financing to farmers who would not otherwise have access to traditional banking services. And best of all, investors on the platform can not only make a social impact, but they can also make up to 8-10% profit on their investment.

The innovation of EthicHub

Ethix Token from EthicHub

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, EthicHub allows the free circulation of money between first world economies and emerging countries with operating costs less than 1%.

If that weren't enough, EthicHub's real innovation is based on linking the real economy with innovation thanks to the use of crypto assets. On the EthicHub platform all loans are over-collateralized with a double collateral system. On the one hand, the asset of the real world (today mainly coffee), and on the other hand the system of "crowd-collateral" (collective collateral).

This model makes it possible to invest safely while small farmers can access affordable financing from lenders around the world. The investment generates an annualized return of between 8 and 10% at the same time that it contributes to improving the standard of living of these small farmers through their own productive activity in a shared value generation model.

The growth of EthicHub

EthicHub has shown strong growth and success in recent years. With a base of more than 2.000 repeat investors, he has financed a total of more than $4 million to more than 600 farming communities.

In this way, EthicHub is consolidating itself as a Leading platform in impact investing and the use of blockchain technology.

In addition, the recent alliance with Heifer International underpins the growth of EthicHub with prominent players in the Impact Investing market. Heifer International, a global non-profit organization that works to eradicate hunger and poverty is also dedicated to supporting small producers, such as Mexico's coffee communities.

The alliance between Heifer and EthicHub is accompanied by an investment of $420,000 through the lending platform. This pilot investment will facilitate the more efficient dissemination of loan funds to qualifying coffee cooperatives participating in Heifer International's Beyond Coffee II Project in Chiapas, Mexico.

To continue its growth and expansion, EthicHub has raised $2M in its Seed round thanks to the participation of leading venture capitalists in the impact startup ecosystem, how Crane Earth o Flori Ventures.

The CrowdEquity Round

To complete its Seed round, EthicHub has launched a CrowdEquity round that has already raised more than 60%.

The success of this round has shown that it is a unique opportunity for investors. The CrowdEquity round aims to raise €250,000, and investors have the option to participate with a €1,527 investment ticket. In exchange, investors will receive between 3% and 5% equity in the company and it will close on August 4.

This funding round represents an exciting opportunity for those seeking invest in a bold and innovative company that is transforming the financial ecosystem with its focus on regenerative finance.

Investment tickets can be obtained directly from the EthicHub portal on Adventurees, the platform that is issuing the CrowdEquity round.

growth plans

Among the Growth plans, EthicHub Focuses on impact investment funds. Institutional capital continues to face many challenges in order to efficiently reach the places where it is needed and the solution created by EthicHub allows for a substantial improvement compared to inefficient traditional systems.

To channel the investment of impact funds, "EthicHub is considering the possibility of adopting some financial structure, such as an investment fund or a trust," says Joan de Ramón Brunet, Head of Growth of the startup.

EthicHub Business Vision

EhticHub team and vision

In conclusion, EthicHub is stands out as an ethical investment platform that is driving financial innovation and the regenerative finance revolution. Using blockchain technology, EthicHub connects profitable smallholder farmers with lenders and buyers, providing access to affordable financing and creating positive social and environmental impact.

The EthicHub platform is based on a unique business model using the concept of "crowd-collateral" (collective collateral), allowing small farmers without traditional assets to access financing from lenders around the world. This investment contributes directly to improving the standard of living of farmers and promotes the generation of shared value.

EthicHub has experienced robust growth in recent years, supported by a base of more than 2,000 repeat investors and total funding of more than $4 million for more than 600 farming communities. The platform has become a leader in impact investing and the use of blockchain technology, and its strategic alliance with Heifer International demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.

In addition, EthicHub is in the process of conducting a CrowdEquity round to finance its growth and expansion. This round represents an exciting opportunity for investors interested in participating in a bold and innovative company that is transforming the financial landscape with its focus on regenerative finance.

With future growth plans that include exploring impact investing funds, EthicHub is positioned to continue to lead the way towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable financial system. Join the EthicHub revolution and be part of the shift towards a fairer and more responsible financial future.

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