Automate your business with Ezpays and forget about problems when collecting invoices

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ezpays provides direct debit platform that automates different payments in real time using open banking and adapts to both SMEs and large companies when they face difficulties in collecting invoices. I tell you what ezpays can do for you and your business.

An effective solution for recurring problems

Companies are no strangers to problems in the invoice collection process. In fact, many companies have suffered considerable losses due to failure to attend, as it should, payment gateways and collections for your businesses.

This affects, above all, small and medium-sized companies. When companies are growing and their businesses are in early phases of their life. This is because they either have limited resources and cannot implement a quick solution to this problem. Or because They depend on manual processes that slow down in the time as the workload increases.

Reconcile payments each month iIt involves a lot of manual work since ERPs do not reconcile all payments, even if you use direct debit. In traditional banking there are returned or blocked receipts and between 2% and 10% of monthly bill payments are delayed by 30 to 90 days.

Well, to solve these problems and optimize the customer collection process, Ezpays has created a safe and efficient payment system which makes invoice management easier.

How the Ezpays payment flow works

The Ezpays payment flow has been designed to be more intuitive and effective in collections than others traditional systems, I'll tell you what it's like.

The process begins when the invoice is generated in your ERP and marked as pending. When this occurs, it means that the invoice is ready to be paid so An email is automatically sent to the buyer with a secure payment link. This link, in addition to being instant, maintains customer trust since you can choose your bank and authorize the payment easily.

Once the payment is authorized, you will see how the status of the invoice becomes paid. This process is that simple, avoiding delays in collections and guaranteeing customer security. But, What if the client doesn't pay? Well, in this case Ezpays has prepared a plan to manage non-payments.

And, if you have a business, you will know that non-payments are a reality in any company, regardless of the sector. Therefore, managing these defaults is crucial to ensure the financial health of your business. It is precisely for this reason that Ezpays offers an automated collection service which sends payment reminders to delinquent customers, helping to recover outstanding payments efficiently.

These payment reminders occur 48 hours before the payment due date and trThey try to give you options to split the payment and make it easier for the client. Let us remember that we always want a satisfied customer.

But if the customer still does not make the payment, Ezpays will allow you to apply a surcharge so that the client ends up paying what they owe. Of course, this configuration is flexible and you can configure it in the client panel. You can configure a surcharge of 5% or whatever you think is fair so that the financial stability of your company is not compromised.

Ezpays integrates perfectly with your business

eZpays integration

Ezpays helps businesses optimize and automate the entire payment collection cycle, including non-payments, to improve efficiency and increase their cash flow by automating transfer payments.

And is that Ezpays has high compatibility to integrate the most well-known and used ERPs in the world. So it doesn't matter if your business is at an advanced stage using full Microsoft 360 integration or at an early stage with a cheaper ERP like Odoo.

The ERPs that trust Ezpays and that you can easily integrate with your business are the following:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Legend
  • XEro
  • Visma
  • Odoo
  • SAP

Furthermore, currently is expanding the offer of integrable ERPs in order to offer a personalized solution to each type of business, whatever stage it is experiencing. The objective they have proposed is to integrate more than 20 ERPs and more than 10 different CRMs in 2025, so if you do not work with the ERPs mentioned above you can also benefit from Ezpays.

If you want to know more, keep reading because I will explain What exactly does Ezpays offer?.

What Ezpays offers for your business

advantages of Ezpays

Whether your SME needs to automate processes and improve your customers' trust during the payment gateway, or your large company has substantial losses due to high commissions, EZPays offers you a solution tailored to you.

Free your business from manual processes

If your business is being difficult to manage when making payments, EZPays offers you a simple solution by automating this process. And it is that Ezpays connects with your ERP to automatically synchronize information on payments received. By doing this, you eliminate the tedious task of manually entering data one by one, saving time and reducing errors.

Forget about late payments

On the other hand, because a considerable percentage of monthly invoice collections end up suffering delays of up to 90 days, your company may present significant losses during this period. Ezpays knows how to put an end to most of these payment delays and manages to reduce up to 75% of late payments.

In addition, you will be able to see the status of payments in real time, so you can reconcile and know its status directly from the platform

Simply pay less with Ezpays

And perhaps the most important thing is that, with EZPays, commission costs will be less than 0,47% which, compared to other payment methods (2-4% commission), is extraordinarily cheap.

For all this, if you want to pay less for your business, automate it or simply optimize collections and payments within your company, we recommend enter your website and request more information.

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