Spanish sayings about personal finances

Spanish sayings about personal finances

Have you ever stopped to read Spanish sayings about personal finances? Although it may seem old and has no application in today's life, the truth is that it is quite the opposite.

Therefore, We have compiled a selection of some of those sayings so that you understand what they refer to. and you see that, despite being many years old, they are still valid. Shall we start?

"A river uprooted, gain of fishermen"

Does this saying sound familiar to you? The objective and what you should learn from it is that, when there is economic uncertainty (whether in the country or even in your home, the most important thing to do is prevent and anticipate. Decision making must always be in favor of stability, either through savings or appropriate investments (pension plans, high profitability...).

piled up money

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

One of the most used Spanish sayings about personal finances is, without a doubt, this one. If you think about it a little it makes a lot of sense. Imagine that you work on a farm that has been around for years. You go with a basket to collect the eggs from your chickens because you are going to sell them. You fill the basket to the top and leave.

And along the way, you trip and the basket falls to the ground, breaking all the eggs. What would have happened if instead of putting them all in one basket you diversified them? Well, the losses wouldn't be that many.

Well, this is exactly what this saying wants you to understand. That If we put all the effort and investment into one thing and it goes wrong, you are left with nothing. But if you diversify, some of those options may come out ahead, and you won't lose everything. Even if you keep part of it saved.

«Saving is not only saving but knowing how to spend»

Many times people are “caught” in the sense that they try to spend as little as possible to save. The problem is that saving for the sake of saving is of no use. Because what good is the money sitting there if you are not going to obtain profitability?

Sometimes it's good, when you have a good mattress, allocate a part of that money to achieve some profitability. In other words, move savings. In this way, you can get extra capital or at least that money is not there just to fatten your account.

hanging euros

"Nobody gives hard four pesetas"

It is one of the oldest Spanish sayings about personal finances there is. But the truth is that its application is modern and will last for years and years. For those who do not know, the duros and pesetas refer to the official Spanish currency, which existed before the euro, and which was established in the 19th century. One dollar was five pesetas. Therefore, the saying makes sense, no one is going to give you five pesetas if you have four.

Let's modernize it. As you know, we have 5 cents. Well then, Nobody is going to give you 5 cents for four cents.

On a practical level, it means that no one is going to give you a five-cent coin when what you get is four because in the end it is the other person who would be losing. Do you understand it better?

«Money saved, twice earned»

This saying is quite curious. Because a priori you will think that the money you save cannot be multiplied nor that you earn twice with it. But if we tell you that that savings, when you allocate it to that objective, it is more difficult for you to run out, things change.

It refers to having control of expenses and income in order to save. Because first you earn it (once earned) and second, you save it (twice earned).

table with papers

"He who spends badly, soon goes badly"

Do you remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? If not, you should read it because it is one of the best that will give you an overview of personal finances.

In general, this saying refers to You can't succumb to everything you like, because if you do, you will soon run out of money because you don't control your expenses. And in the end it will go badly for you.

«Work and the economy are the best lottery»

Many times, when a person does well, or has a good streak, it is said that it is because of luck or destiny. And the truth is that this is related to that picaresque character that accompanied us at a certain time and that you can now see, for example, in Lazarillo de Tormes or in Don Quixote.

Well, this is one of the Spanish sayings about personal finances whose meaning is that A person, when he is intelligent, knows that the way to get rich is going to be with his work and his ability to save, not with luck or playing games of chance.

In fact, related to this saying, there is another one: "In the lottery you will spend what you have left and nothing more." It means that if you want to waste your money on something that is very difficult for you to afford, you will only do it with the money you have left over and do not need (and it is not exactly savings).

"Money grows on the tree of patience"

Surely you have told your children more than once that "money does not grow from trees." So this is one of the Spanish sayings about personal finances that refers to that "tree." It means that when you are patient, you take time to think in the long term, and you measure your economy well, in the end you will see How it can grow through plans to make it profitable (which, as you know, are a very long time).

"It's better to prevent than to cure"

How many times have you heard this saying? It is true that you may not see a relationship with finances, but the truth is that it may be. And taking into account the instability in the country, and it is not known if when you reach retirement you will have a pension, perhaps it is Better to prevent and save than to regret later for not having anything to spend the last few years in peace.

«Debt is like a chain, the more you drag it, the heavier it becomes»

We end with one of the Spanish sayings about personal finances that may touch your heart the most. And the thing is, when debts just accumulate, and accumulate, the only thing you achieve is that they become heavier and it will cost you more to get out of that situation.

Do you know some Spanish sayings about personal finances? Leave them in comments.

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