Funded Accounts: Generate income without investing your capital

In the financial world, funded account training has emerged as a valuable tool that can boost financial success and financial independence. As people look for innovative ways to grow their money and secure their future, funded accounts have become a hot topic of conversation. In this article, we will explore what funded account training is, what it is for, the essential steps to getting a funded account, the drawbacks, and where to take proper training. 

What is Funded Account Training?

Training in funded accounts refers to a learning process by which a person prepares for the tests of obtaining a funding account. These funding accounts are accounts provided by funding companies or investment funds that allow anyone who passes their tests to access a trading account with a large capital. These assets can include stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. The main objective is to grow the initial capital over time through a prudent and strategic trading methodology. In short, a funded account is like a financial vehicle that allows people to trade and grow their money in a controlled and planned manner.

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Benefits of an Apex Trading Funding account. Source: Apex Trading Funding

What is Funded Account Training for?

A funded account training offers a number of notable benefits for those looking to manage their finances effectively and build their wealth. Some of the main benefits of training in funded accounts are:

  1. Be able to pass the tests safely: Don't think that just anyone is given a funding account. First you must pass some tests to demonstrate that you are truly capable of managing large amounts of money profitably. With training on funded accounts you will be able to pass the tests with more confidence. 
  2. Increase your income by trading in funded accounts: These trainings will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to operate with funded accounts. 8% monthly on €3.000 is €240 per month. And, with that benefit it is not worth it. Therefore, we seek to speculate with large amounts of money. Think that if you operate with €10.000, 8% is already €800 per month…
  3. Generate extra income or even dedicate yourself to prop trading: Funding accounts allow you to generate extra income so that you are not up to your neck in water at the end of the month. There are even thousands of people who have left their old jobs to dedicate themselves fully to funded account trading.
  4. Be a disciplined and profitable trader: Funded account trading is more than just generating profits; You must carry out a strategy with defined profit and loss objectives before getting down to work. Trading, whether to generate extra income or to dedicate yourself to it, is a profession. And precisely it is a very well-paid profession…
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Work desk of a funded account trader. Source: Ninjatrader.

Get a funded account

Getting a funded account requires a planned and disciplined approach. Here are some essential steps to follow:

  1. Train yourself in an Academy that teaches you a safe and profitable methodology: Before you jump into the void and waste your money on taking tests and failing them, it is best to train yourself. These academies allow you to train using safe and profitable methodologies that will allow you to pass the funding account tests and be able to operate with them in a profitable and safe manner. 
  2. Research and Select a Reliable Funded Account Company: Do your research and choose a financial institution or investment management company that offers funded accounts with a solid payment history and a trustworthy reputation. Some of the best known are Earn2Trade, Apex Trading Funding or FTMO. 
  3. Be disciplined with tests: Like any other test, you are going to need concentration and discipline. If, for example, you are going to choose tests that require a minimum profitability for X days, make sure during those days that you have a clear mind and are prepared for said challenge. 
  4. Be methodical when trading: If you have managed to pass the tests, now you are going to have to be profitable and keep your account alive. Remember that these companies establish rules, such as the maximum account drawdown, profit target percentages, maximum daily loss allowed, etc. 

What are the drawbacks of trading in funded accounts?

Training in anchored accounts also has its drawbacks when it comes to carrying it out. The following points can guide us about the problems we may encounter, such as: 

  1. Funded account trading is not for everyone: As much as you may read that trading can make anyone rich, it is not like that. It requires training first, being disciplined and above all, not being afraid of losing. 
  2. There are many fraudulent funding companies: It should be taken into account that there are many funding companies that manipulate the account data they provide to users in order to generate more money. After all, these companies make money by paying for user trials and monthly memberships. 
  3. It requires having time to dedicate to training: You are not born taught in any area of ​​life, and trading funded accounts was not going to be different. A formation of funded accounts can take a long time between acquiring the concepts and applying them to trading. 

CFTC statement accusing My Forex Funds of fraud. Source: CFTC.

And which Academy can I trust?

There are many academies that offer training to pass the tests for a funding account, but few have a success rate and a methodology that allows us to carry out these tasks in a profitable and safe manner. If you would like to know how to train yourself to be able to take the tests and acquire the knowledge of an effective and profitable methodology, There is an Academy that offers a methodology that will help you achieve this challenge…

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