Advantages of belonging to the European Union

European Union

European Union. This term is one that encompasses a number of countries, among which is Spain. However, few know what the advantages of belonging to the European Union are.

If you want to know them and see the reason why our country joined this group that has been expanding and evolving to what it is now, keep reading because we are going to focus on its benefits.

Free movement of people

Set of countries of the European Union

With this we mean that you can travel to any country of the European Union without having to get a passport or go through a procedure to do so.

For example, you could go to Germany, France or Italy without giving any explanation. It may be to study, to live, or because you have relatives who want the whole family to live in the same country.

The only thing you need to travel is to bring your ID, and, if you want, the passport, although the latter is only optional. Obviously, this does not mean that it is cheaper, much less, but you do have fewer procedures and steps to take to travel wherever you want within the EU.

Free movement of goods, services and capital


If the above has been clear to you, it is logical that you can understand this also very easily. As we were saying, a person can travel between countries of the European Union without having to justify those trips.

Well, something similar happens in the case of services, goods and capital. Let's take an example.

Imagine that you work in Spain and do a service in Germany. You won't have any problem doing it. and charge it based on this free circulation.

In other words, there is a single market between all the countries that are part of the European Union and that they do not offer any barrier, tariff or obstacle to carry out this.

Other examples could be buying products outside of Spain (in member countries) or working with banks that are not in Spain.

Cost reduction

Related to the above, by eliminating tariffs, barriers, obstacles... customs, administrative, bureaucratic costs are also eliminated... which can delay or increase the price of that product or service.. As this would not exist between countries, prices may be lower.

It is one of the advantages of belonging to the European Union that has brought most benefits to both companies and individuals.

Better economic results

This advantage must be taken with tweezers. And it is that it has a part of history that is important to know. As you know, being in the European Union there are certain tasks and rules that are met in order to keep track to keep debt as low as possible and prevent countries from going bankrupt.

This implies a series of norms, laws, etc. whose objective is to improve the economic results. In principle they do it in a general way, but they can also come in a particular way in each country.

In other words, we could say that a kind of joint economy is created among all the member countries in which each contributes and tries to apply rules to avoid a large debt and obtain benefits.

A unique legislation

As we told you before, you also have to take it with tweezers. And it is that, although there is a joint legislation with all the countries of the EU, the truth is that this does not exempt or disavow the country's own legislation. In this case, both legislations coexist with each other (as long as they do not contradict each other, in this case primary that of the European Union).

Free and fast internet connection in Europe

Flag of the European Union

It is a plan that the European Union hopes to make a reality, although the deadline that had been set for 2020 has not actually been met. It is true that high-speed wireless connection is available in many countries, but still not 100% and much less free.

Greater rights of citizens

Starting by the contents of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. But also for that freedom to travel, to work, etc.

In addition, You will have medical assistance in all EU member countries since, with your health card, they will be able to assist you for free (or almost).

European Union Solidarity Fund

It is a common fund where all the EU countries have put money to have more than 5000 million euros. Its objective? Being able to respond and help countries facing natural disasters. With that money it is intended to help restore the loss that has been faced.

Free movement of workers

Do you remember one of the first advantages of belonging to the European Union? Well, in this case it is related and focuses mainly on workers. And it is that anyone can look for work in any country of the European Union.

In fact, there is the Entrepreneurs Law 14/2013 in which people they can apply for help to start a business in a country other than their native one.

This is also a double-edged sword because if you as a Spaniard can look for work in another EU country, those from those countries can also look for it. And that implies greater competitiveness. For this reason it is important to know two languages ​​(the native and English, at least).

Joint action in case of war

This topic is very much on everyone's lips, especially when the war between Ukraine and Russia broke out. And it is that, if a member country is threatened, all the countries of the European Union must support that country in the face of the threat it may have.

In other words, if you "mess" with one country, you mess with the entire European Union. That is why the shipment of weapons, the support for Ukraine, etc. Especially now that it has started the procedures and that it is already considered an EU country.

Broadly speaking, these are the advantages of belonging to the European Union. If you put the advantages and disadvantages together, the reason why Spain joined was precisely because the balance tipped towards the side of benefits. What do you think about it?

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